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10 Reasons You Shouldn't Quit Art

Sat Jun 6, 2015, 5:25 AM
You know i keep my journals short, so i'll jump right to it. 

1. When you get an idea for a character, or an illustration or a comic, you can just draw it. You don't have to browse and see if anyone else drew it already, or commission other artists to do it.

2. If you get really good at art, your favorite artist might watch you back.

3. You might eventually get paid for it.

4. Because even if there's tons of art out there, and many great artists, no one, and i mean NO ONE can ever draw what you draw. There can be similar ideas, but only you can bring your particular flavor of art to life. 

5. The awesome comments. The better you get at art, the more awesome and elaborate comments you get. Who doesn't want to get praised?

6. Art trades with really good artists! 

7. Because quitting is lame.

8. Because when IRL people ask you what you do and you say you're an artist, you get the most interesting reactions. It never gets old.

9. Because you get to browse the internet and look at art and call it research.

10. Because the act of creating, thinking and drawing is awesome. You probably wanna quit because you don't get enough attention, no favs etc, but before that, you drew for yourself, because you simply enjoyed doing it. But somewhere along the way, you forgot.


Yuuza out! :iconsokkawatertribeplz:

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MizukiNakamura24 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, so I just had a quick skim through your gallery, and let me just Your artwork is gorgeous and I love your style! You should do whatever it is you have in mind, because I know you'll do great! I just know you'll do a great job!
Yuuza Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
These aren't rules, there's nothing to break :D
So what? Draw it anyway :)
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